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    At Kevin Distributing Inc, we provide everything from the smallest part to complete custom built turnkey rigs. See what we can offer you!

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Kevin Distributing, Inc. located in Shelby, Montana, is a full line distributor of spray polyurethane foam (Spray Foam, SPF) for insulation, as well as single and plural component spray equipment, parts and supporting services.

Now available is urethane foam for pipeline ditch breakers and pillow padding with the advantage of immediate backfill and appropriate dispensing equipment for all applications.

As a distributor of polyurethane foam and a variety of coating products, manufactured by:

  • International Fire Proof Technology (DC315)

  • Johns Manville

  • Premium Spray Products

  • Thermal Product Research (TPR2)

  • Quadrant Urethane Technology

  • Urethane Technology Co. (UTC)

We distribute throughout the western United States and Canada. Our representatives enjoy extensive experience and knowledge of all product and equipment lines.

Kevin Distributing represents and distributes single and plural component dispensing equipment and parts for the Graco (Gusmer, GlasCraft). Sundries relative to the urethane industry are also available by Allegro, Advanz, Dynaloy, DC315 Fireproof Paint and TPR2 Fireproof Paint. We provide everything from the smallest part to complete Custom Built Turnkey Rigs and provide you with full Technical support, In-Field training for all products and equipment you purchase.

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4 Utc
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