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The ADVANZ Goggles were designed specifically for spraying. Regular goggles become useless once the back spray gets on the lens. Trying to clean off the lens is impossible because plastic – unlike glass – just smudges leaving the vision even more obstructed.

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Allegro Industries


Kevin Distributing is an authorized Allegro dealer.  We carry a complete line of supplied air respirator systems and equipment for workers in confined space and contaminated environments.  Allegro’s Full Mask SAR and our Fully Disposable Hood offer incredible flexibility and ease of use. We also offer complete respirator systems with one-, two-, or three-worker ambient air pumps. NIOSH approved continuous flow masks or hoods and air hose. 

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1 dynaloyl
REMOVAL OF URETHANES - cured and uncured.

Dynaloy has developed a line of safe, effective products specifically for the urethane industry. If your company molds urethane products or parts, or is involved in the spraying of urethane foams, then these products are for you. They quickly remove cured material from application and mixing equipment. Most of these products are non-flammable, non-chlorinated, non-regulated and contain very low VOC's.

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3 graco

Kevin Distributing is a distributor of all Graco parts and equipment. 

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International Pump Manufacturing

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International Pump Manufacturing, Inc is a leading air operated piston pump manufacturer. Headquartered in Seattle. Established in 1994, IPM is a group of professional engineers engaged in the development of products for industrial applications where durability, reliability and consistency of product delivery are essential. IPM pumps have gained popularity and trust among customers throughout the world in providing repeatable, durable and accurate dispensing piston pump solutions through a diverse and global network of highly experienced distributors.

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MAX Heavy-Duty Adhesive Spray

This versatile web spray adhesive combines advanced polymer systems for true multipurpose performance. Ideal for use whenever you need to quickly bond two materials, this pressure sensitive product can be used on plastics, wood, corrugated, paper, cork fiberboard, rubber, cloth, leather, and more.

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Pura® Insulation Release


Pura® Insulation Release is a blend of silicones and specialized parting agents that are specifically designed to prevent spray polyurethane foam insulation from adhering to most surfaces where the product is applied.

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