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International Pump Manufacturing, Inc is a leading air operated piston pump manufacturer. Headquartered in Seattle. Established in 1994, IPM is a group of professional engineers engaged in the development of products for industrial applications where durability, reliability and consistency of product delivery are essential. IPM pumps have gained popularity and trust among customers throughout the world in providing repeatable, durable and accurate dispensing piston pump solutions through a diverse and global network of highly experienced distributors.


Transfer Pumps Available


IP-02 Drum Length 2:1 Transfer Pump
IP-02SST Drum Length 2:1 Stainless Steel Transfer Pump
IPM-OP232C Drum Length 2:1 Stainless Steel Transfer Pump
IPM-OP242A � Length 2:1 Stainless Steel Transfer Pump
IP-01S Stubby Length 1:1 Transfer Pump
IP-01P Pail Length 1:1 Transfer Pump
IP-01 Drum Length 1:1 Transfer Pump
IP-02S Stubby 2:1 Transfer Pump

IPM Spare Pump Parts also available

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