Premium Spray Products

Premium Spray Products, Inc. is committed to manufacturing the highest quality spray polyurethane foam systems and products for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.  


Premicote: Our polyurethane spray coatings offer key advantages over their traditional coating counterparts with impressive characteristics that include; high elasticity, resistance to abrasion, corrosion, protection, chemical resistance, waterproof, decoration and structural enhancement.  Polyurea spray coatings have the following advantages over traditional coating applications: fast setting nature, fast to apply, can be applied to concrete, metals and wood, Slip resistant additives and surface textures can be applied, UV stable colors can be achieved and low temperature application.  

  • Acrylic Coating: Premicote 1000 provides outstanding weather ability, as well as exceptional protection from degradation caused by UV exposure.
  • Silicone Coating: Premicote 2000 is a ready to use breathable membrane that provides elemental protection for architectural surfaces.
  • GE Momentive Silicone  

Premiseal: Designed to provide a long term, sustainable roofing solution that is watertight, provides superior insulating power as well as incorporating a reflective surface to provide energy efficiency.

  • Premiseal 250: 2.5 lb density closed cell foam
  • Premiseal 280: 2.8 lb density closed cell foam
  • Premiseal 300: 3.0 lb density closed cell foam

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