Urethane Technology Company

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Urethane Technology Company (UTC) develops and manufactures advanced urethane resin systems for industrial and consumer product manufacturers and contractors. Founded by Gerhard Regenauer in 1986, UTC has been advancing and supplying wholly water-blown urethane systems for more than 20 years. Our water-blown spray system is patent protected and were created years before the industry was forced to look for alternative and environmentally friendly blowing agents. In addition to spray foams, UTC manufactures water-blown pour foams, molding foams, and coating systems of superior quality and performance.

Ditch Breaker Foam

In the pipeline business, urethane foam is commonly used for ditch breakers and pillow padding.  Foam padding and breakers are much less labor intensive than sand, they conform to any shape or configuration of the ditch and offers the advantages of immediate backfill.  Urethane foam pillow pads will compress and conform to the pipe with a weight load whereas sandbags (especially frozen) may dent the pipe.  An additional advantage of foam, as compared to sandbags, is the greatly reduced transportation costs to the job site.

UTC-7049 is designed specifically for pipeline applications.  The system has been carefully formulated and customized for performance in challenging pipeline applications and conditions.  It is used to support different size pipes across difficult terrain at various altitudes and environmental conditions.  Contact Kevin Distributing, Inc for more information on Fast Break Foam.

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